GrowthX Academy
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GrowthX Academy was started in the Silicon Valley in 2015 by several founders who had extensive experiences building and mentoring start-up and scale-up companies.

Through their first-hand experiences, they developed a proven methodology and training syllabus that teaches an organization to meet the many challenges when looking for success in the digital economy.

The GrowthX Academy trains individuals in Business Growth, Growth Marketing and User Experience (UX) Design.

With GrowthX Academy, companies now have a scientific method on which to develop product-market fit and with the rigid growth mindset to be able to build a successful and scalable business or product. Through the foresight of the Malaysian Founder of Commerce.Asia Ventures, Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bangah, the GrowthX Academy Silicon Valley program has been brought to Malaysia and is the first to be deployed outside of the USA.

It aims to provide the organizations as well as entrepreneurs in Malaysia and also South-East Asia with a proven formula to develop a thriving and scalable business growth model to remain competitive. One of the philosophies of GrowthX Academy has been to build a community consisting of mentors, entrepreneurs and students, so that new ideas can flourish.